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Updated: Apr 16, 2022

The Donovon Wayne Lynch Foundation has dedicated itself to solving complex issues such as social and economic injustices and inequalities, through the science of “dialogue,” entrepreneurship and the arts.

We have decided the best time to launch our initiative no other than on the birth day of whom the foundation is based on, by celebrating the life of Donovon Wayne Lynch. Before age 25, Donovon managed to impact many of his family members, peers, co-workers and business partners.

The event will feature dedications to Donovon and constructs of social and economic injustices that plagues many communities throughout the nation. The kickoff begins with selections from the DWLF Youth Orchestra and Gene Clout from The Heritage Concert.

Anyone who donates $25 will receive a general admission ticket for the REIMAGINE AMERICA KICKOFF event on APRIL 22, 2022

Donate a minimum of $25 and receive a GENERAL ADMISSION ticket to "Reimagine America Kickoff". VIP TICKETS starts at $75!

We are accepting tax deductible contributions for the Legal Defense Fund and Community Programming.

$25 Donation - 1 General Admission

$75 Donation - 1 VIP Ticket

$100 Donation - 2 VIP Tickets

$250 Donation - Group of Ten

See sponsorship package for more ways to support.

For more information and ways to donate about the Donovon Wayne Lynch Foundation and its goal to help with social and economic justice please contact the foundation @ 757.797.6373 or Tony Holobyte @ 614.465.6298 visit:

Download PDF • 4.48MB

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