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Re-magine America is a symposium that allow students to express ideas

Service Description

In honor of Donovon’s vision for “Changing the World” the DWL Foundation is launching the “Re-imagine America” HBCU Tour to engage and challenges HBCU students and alumni to reimagine a better America. The foundation and its sponsors will award funding, scholarships, and professional mentoring to students and communities to support their reimaged ideas of a better America. Why Reimagine? When systems and structures can no longer adequately serve the needs of its citizen, it is time for those citizens to collectively reimagine better systems and structures to meet their needs. HBCUs have historically paved the way for African Americans to re-imagine themselves, their communities, and the world. Today, we are looking to use the skills and experiences obtained over the last century to embetter more communities through mentorships. Schedule an appointment today to become a mentor or sponsor a child.

Contact Details

(757) 797-6373

Chesapeake, VA, USA

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